Get your Beginner’s Guide to The Spiritual Science of a Rich Life. 
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Beginner’s Guide to The Spiritual Science of a Rich Life guided meditations.
Listen now and begin your spiritual transformation:

• Mindset Detox Meditation
• Money Blocks Removal Meditation
• Soul Love Healing Meditation

Mindset Detox Meditation (17 mins)
Detox your mind and reset your energy to create a rich life.

Money Blocks Removal Meditation (20 mins)
Peel back the layers and let your money blocks release.

Soul Love Healing Meditation (21 mins)
Access the power of love within you. 

Diana Valencia
Veterinary Medicine
I had the great pleasure of being part of your workshop in New York City. I have to say it was the best workshop I have taken. Everything clicked. It was an aha moment. I completely understood why there was blockage in my life and how I could be able to manifest and bring new opportunities. Your workshop made sense, it was easy and you ignited some power in us to continue on with our work to help humanity and ourselves. I have attended numerous workshops of all calibers by far your workshop was the best I have experienced and seen. You are part of the first wave of volunteers to pave the way for others. You took your entire experience of life in a silver platter and weren't afraid of letting us know who you were and how we too can improve our lives. You are courageous and powerful beyond belief. After the workshop I went home on the train and started reading your book. I couldn't stop reading. I knew for sure you had to go through all those experiences in order to connect with others. And I'm glad because I see a lot of me in you. I have read many books on metaphysical work this is by far one of the best books I have ever read. You can actually apply what you read. Thank you for having me and I hope you can mentor me or take me under wing for guidance.

Amy Douglas
Corporate Coach
I signed up to coach with Joanna to empower myself and gain the focus and power to make my business authentic, helpful to others, on purpose and at least as profitable as my former corporate job. To deepen my creative power and sense of alignment with life. I really enjoyed speaking three times a week. The cadence was great for me because momentum grew throughout the process and I felt deeply supported. I gained an understanding of my relationships and how they were clouding my thoughts and energy. Awareness, appreciation, gratitude and new perspective in how I came to react to people (by not!) who had typically really triggered me, distracting me from what I want to do with my business. Joanna’s comprehensive, momentum building structure is incredibly supportive, personalized, and powerful. It may take you somewhere different than you initially expect but it will take you where you most need to go for the truly highest benefit. It was truly great!
Heather Catania
Social Media Innovator
After just one week of doing Joanna's "free gift meditations" from A Spiritual Science of a Rich Life, I closed $23K in new business.  Needless to say, Joanna's meditations are the most powerful on the market. Joanna's Spiritual Science of a Rich Life program is truly a masterpiece - jam packed with priceless, emotionally connective, and energy block-shattering techniques. After coaching privately with Joanna for almost year, I have doubled my income and run a profitable six figure business.  The lessons and tools I took from Joanna's program allowed me to easily and naturally add a more powerful energy and message to my business. And the results were mind-blowing. Not having this program will have you walking away from a potentially profitable business and life that you love. This was one heck of a return on my investment!